Holy Cow!

Oh the potential woes of Halloween. Every now and again, depending on my mood, I battle being in child-heavy environments. Kids are awestruck, parents are embarrassed, friends get upset. It can make for a very awkward time at the pool or playground.

Sometimes, Halloween can actually be a break. Maybe because people are all dressed, I’m not as intimidating to kids. I don’t know.

One year, I went to a Halloween event at a local farm. Kids were dressed up and everyone was roasting s’mores on the bonfire. A little boy asks me, “Are you a cow?”

OMG!!! I laughed so hard on the inside. I never in my wildest would have expected such a question…at least not at that moment. The innocence of his inquiry, though. I was surprised, but not offended. I told him no, and he didn’t really ask anything else. I think he just got distracted and walked away.

This day was a laugh-at-the-situation day. But trust me, they don’t always go this way.

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