I see you

Is it really rude to stare?

We stare at stuff all the time. If Gabrielle Union walked in, we’d point and stare and take pictures. When we see a clown or street act, we point and tell our kids to look. When we see something weird or different that catches our attention, we often continue to look at it until we figure it out.

On a day I’m feeling myself, I’m happy to receive onlookers. But on a day I have a stain on my shirt, not so much.

Some people are just better at masking their glances of curiosity or intrigue. But it often doesn’t stop the object of our attention from feeling eyes on them.

So is it really rude to stare or are we inadvertently projecting our own hidden insecurities on the looker? Who knows – the flaw we are so desperately trying to hide just might be the feature that someone is admiring about you.

Something to think about. What are your thoughts on the matter?

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