Different strokes…

Vitiligo is an autoimmune disorder that, while the common outcome is the loss of pigmentation, the root cause is not always the same.

I will use acne as an example. You see bumps on someone’s face…a result of clogged pores. Well, sometimes acne is stress-induced. Sometimes it’s a result of dietary interactions or a response to hormone inflections. Some acne can be oily, and some is very dry. While one person’s acne reacts favorably to acidic treatments, and someone else may respond better to alkaline care. In the end, you have to discover the regimen that works best for you and your body.

I will dedicate the next few posts to discussing vitiligo treatment options. Some may wonder why, especially because I don’t pursue them myself. Well, for a combination of reasons:

As a scientist, I believe that knowledge and informed decisions are paramount when managing one’s health care.

As a Christian, I believe that the right medication can make a world of difference, but sometimes medication alone won’t solve your problems.

As a human, I believe that the decision is an individual one, and you should be free to decide WITHOUT JUDGMENT what regimen provides you with the most peace of mind to be a productive citizen in your community.

And as for me, myself, and Irene, I believe My Beauty Is Not A Blemish.

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