Friendship gardens

“Friendships are a little like backyard gardens. We plan to tend them, [but] we just always seem to put it off until next week.”

Jerry Espenson, Boston Legal

The greatest gift is sharing. Be there for someone. Support them. Look deeper than the gift card and outfit. What do they need?

I’ve really been thinking about the power of human connection. With technology, we can contact people all over the world so easily. It doesn’t take as much time and effort to reach out and touch someone…as the old song used to say. While I appreciate the text message that says Hello, how’s it going?, the sentimental side of me still gets excited to read a message or card in someone’s handwriting. A phone call is always nice and FaceTime adds a little something extra, but what a pleasure it is to receive a call asking if I’m home and would like a visit.

I’m winding down my Christmas shopping and working on my last few gifts. When I buy gifts, I think hard about getting something that won’t just make your face smile, but your heart smile.

I’m looking deeper this year. Some gifts I’m giving, I can’t purchase at a store. No cash value to redeem here. I’m tapping into my love languages of quality time and acts of service. I’m going to tend some friendship (and family) gardens over the next few weeks. I invite you to join me and dig a little deeper below the surface of your friendship gardens as well. Feel free to share ideas, lessons, and stories unearthed from your yard work.

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