Burned again

I can’t help it. I love a good beach vacation! I’m planning a trip to west Africa and I don’t know what the sun effects will be like. It’s been some years since I’ve last been there, and I remember not having to worry about burning.

I did tan though. Yes, black people can tan.

I remember sunburning once as a kid…before my vitiligo. It was a much different experience. I spent the week at Ocean City and thought to myself, Black people don’t need to worry about sunblock. Well, I definitely returned home a few shades darker, and my nose soon started to peel. But that was it. No redness, sore areas, skin hot to touch.

Ladies and gentlemen, I interrupt this blog for a brief public service announcement, brought to you by SkinDeeper.org…

**Please use sunblock to protect your skin from long term damage and future health risks. No matter your age, race, or gender.**

For more information, follow the link to read what the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say about Sun Safety.

Vitiligo and sunburn are mortal enemies. My skin becomes hot to touch, sensitive, it’s painful, itchy, sometimes peels. I can’t do anything but give it the time it needs to heal on it’s own. Aloe gels and lotions do provide some soothing relief. It’s the one aspect of vitiligo that I think I can say I will never be okay with.

My weekend sneak-away leaves redness across my chest, arms, and face that shows I didn’t have a staycation. Lol.

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