Under the hood

Or in this case, under the lid.

Here we are, the world watching how the coronavirus pandemic will play out and eventually stabilize. It’s a roller coaster ride nobody wants to be on, but even in the scariest and most stomach dropping moments, you’d be surprised the things you think about and notice. It’s like your body’s natural defense mechanism against fear is to focus on something. Center your thoughts, fix your gaze, continue to breathe, and recognize that your situation isn’t permanent.

It’s easy to set into panic, but instead, consider what we can focus on during these uncertain times.

Maybe now you have an opportunity to spend more time at home or with family now that schools are closed and you’re working from home. Maybe you can get back to cooking and trying new recipes with the closing of restaurants in your city. Maybe it’s getting more sleep because of the imposed curfews and no morning commutes.

I was cooking breakfast the other day…real breakfast, with homemade biscuits, sausage, and omelette (bell pepper, onion, tomato, and plenty of cheese). Usually I just pop open my egg carton, snatch out what I need and put it back in the fridge with one smooth 360 ballet spin. Lol. But that day, I was in no rush. I pulled out the carton, opened it, and began to crack the eggs, one at a time. I looked down at the carton and noticed some writing on the inside lid.

This is the Day which the Lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

-Psalms 118:24

That was the loveliest reminder in the midst of this coronavirus storm. I’m glad I paused, took some time to look longer, look deeper, at the things surrounding me. The crazy thing is that these messages have probably always been there (I bought these eggs before the upheaval), but only now am I seeing them.

What other little pleasantries and surprises have you noticed these days, that the pace of former days might have caused you to overlook? Do share.

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