No filter

I went to this interactive art experience called 29 Rooms. You should check it out if it comes to your city. Well, they had one exhibit called No Filter. The concept was to show you how to use different light, colors, and angles to capture your image in different perspectives.

Instead of using your phone to digitally enhance your picture, they provide you options that bypass the need for filters. No filters, no alterations. Just shining light (the right light) made the world of difference.

I hear a lot about 2020 being a year of clear vision (or some variation of it). For me, I’m going in without a filter. Not so much from the mindset of saying anything to anyone without care…I don’t mean no “brita” filter.

My no filter means that I don’t want to use fancy enhancements or artificial means to communicate and capture life. What I see and what I portray will be more intentional. Continuing to be more open and transparent so that I can use my light to shine new perspectives for those I encounter.

Here’s to approaching 2020 in natural light. Happy No Filter New Year!

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