Because you are

Look in the mirror. Take a good look. Stare at yourself. Your face. The shape of your body. Your hair. Your eyes. Now tell yourself: “I am beautiful.”

Courtesy of Derrick Watkins Photography

When you said those words, did you say them out loud or in your head? Did you whisper or shout? Was there hesitation in your words or did you say it with confidence?

I realized, most of the time we look in the mirror – after applying makeup, checking that your shoes match your outfit, or passing your reflection in a store window – we’ll say “I look good.” But see, that’s different. That comment is based on your style of choice for the moment. It refers to how you feel about what you see looking back at you.

I AM BEAUTIFUL is a declaration. It’s not just how you look, it’s what you are. It’s possible to look good today, and not so much tomorrow. But when you are BEAUTIFUL, that’s the same person staring back at you today, tomorrow, and next week. You are beautiful, not because you think you are, but because you are.

Courtesy of Derrick Watkins Photography

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