UN-Cover Girl

What do you do when someone buys you makeup to hide a blemish that you have no intention of covering?

With all good intentions, she came to me with sample cover up. I grew up on the darker end of the black and brown spectrum. Good cover up usually stopped at caramel, and I was somewhere between milk and dark chocolate. And now Iman and others had makeup lines that went to the darkest shades of brown.

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Image from planejanebeauty.net

She was so excited that she found shades that would match me. (‘She’ has no name because funny enough, there isn’t just one ‘she.’ This has happened a few times with different women in my life). She wanted to try them on me immediately. She thought she was helping me solve a problem I didn’t have resources or the know-how to solve. She thought it was a problem worth solving.

I wasn’t comfortable enough to have the awkward conversation so say no thanks. I let her make me up, marvel at the near match (at least, to parts of me). It was only a near match because the beauty of vitiligo is that it creates an infinite range of shades on your canvas. I smiled graciously, and then I went home and washed off the makeup.

I don’t know why I acquiesced. I guess my voice was underdeveloped at the time.

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