Let’s do this!

Too many years in the making…

I used to be scared to discuss my journey. Not because I was ashamed, but because telling it shines a light on not just me, but those in my life who may not care to be mentioned. My story isn’t just MY story. There are so many people interwoven into it. Nobody exclusively owns a story, an experience, an action…because we don’t live in vacuums. We just choose to be the main character of this 10, 30, 50, or 90-year movie in the making.

Through Skin Deeper, I will share my story, my lessons, my take-aways, my life moments…as much as I can call them mine. Sometimes I’ll be the main character, and sometimes, I’ll be the narrator. Either way, my disclaimer is that these are the thoughts and perspectives of me, myself, and Irene. Some are memories from a long time ago, so details may be foggy. Some are happenings of last week or today. I choose to share because I know that it will help someone to realize their beauty in this world that we live. Some experiences may mention others, but please know that my intention is not to throw shade or hurt, but to stay within context. My hope is that whether you read one entry or follow me for as long as this journey goes, that you will see the beauty in yourself and those around you a little skin deeper.

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